SEBO Międzynarodowy Transport Drogowy, having its principal place of business in Okuniew, is a private enterprise owned by Ms. Małgorzata Kądzioła. The company launched its operations in 1992.

Its first vehicle stock comprised two truck with canvass covered semitrailers. A breakthrough in the development of our operations took place in 1996, when we concentrated on refrigerated transport as our core business. Over the years, we have become a trustworthy partner in controlled temperature transport services. It has resulted in cooperation with renowned companies in several countries. Today, our units run regularly on roads of Europe and Asia. We specialize in transport of sensitive and perishable goods, it means live flowers and plants, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, as well as drugs and medicines.

Currently, our fleet consists of 21 high class articulated units and 4 vans for express courier services.

Today, the company SEBO and its daughter company SEBO-BIS sp. z o.o. have a load of experience and competent stuff, as well as a group of satisfied customers.